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    "Sammy's Farm" - One Year, One Acre, One Photographer was created with the idea of photographing from a single acre of land, over a one year period on a rural farm in North Carolina. Albert Cardwell spent hundreds of hours searching out the hidden treasures on the acre of land and waiting for the perfect lighting conditions to bring the images to life.
      So many photographers think they have to go on exotic trips to get a good photograph. The truth is that you can make good photographs in your own yard if you use your creative vision. This book will give a few ideas how to do that.
      The book features rustic buildings, nostalgic items, wildlife, nature, insects, flowers, cattle, vivid sunsets, weather conditions and other photographic subjects around the farm. See butterflies, bees & hummingbirds as they enjoy the flowers in the Spring. See cattle in a whole different light and their unusual habits. Watch baby geese grow into adults and see the storms as they approach in the Summer. You can even see the changes in the farms scenery as the different seasons come and go.
      The book is currently available in a 144 page book printed in full color at 8.5" x 11". The book features over 165 images in vivid color with captions and details about each image. Both paperback and hardcover editions are available. Ebook versions are also available.
       The photographs, text and book design are all by Albert Cardwell. Most of the images were created in hi-res digital format using the latest technology and some were created with traditional film.
       The book will be a cherished keepsake for anyone that enjoys the simple life of a rural farm, nature or photography. You can almost hear the cattle mooing and the crickets singing as you turn the pages. Order yours today.

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Below are a few images that are in the book "Sammy's Farm".
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